G² Testimonials

What people are saying about G²

Maribel Rodriguez

G2 has given me the opportunity to get to know others in a deeper level. I am blessed with the outreaches that we do and they way it seems like family. We are able to pray for one another and share testimonies and many times just laugh and have fun. I also love the fact that different people have the opportunity to facilitate the class and take part in discipleship.

Janet Nuñez

Being part of G2 has blessed me in so many ways. It has given me the opportunity to get to know my brother and sisters better, pray for each other, have many laughs, cry together, and most of all being able to study and learn God's Word together. I look forward to every semester and urge everyone to join a group and not to miss out on what God is doing through G2.

Meriena Perez

What I liked about my G2 class is hearing opinions from my peers and getting different perspectives on the Bible that I never thought of before. I enjoy learning about God from people my own age. I benefited from G2 by not only growing in my relationship with God but also learning from others. I have also developed better study habits and ways to understand the bible more clearly. I would encourage people to join G2 not only for the great lessons that are learned but also for the bonds that are formed. Since I started the first semester of G2 I have gained many friendships and gotten closer to our church family. G2 is really worth it!

Dr. Richard Hazzard

I love G2 because I get to know many brothers and sisters in the Lord at a deeper level.  I also like going through the Bible studies.  It gives me a chance to dig into the Word with like-minded friends. We all benefit greatly from the experience. Everyone should sign up. G2 provides an opportunity for someone to truly integrate into the River of Life community.  Moreover,  G2 provides a platform for discipleship that is part of the great commission.  

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